How We Charge

A Local Kansas City PR/Advertising/Promotions Agency you can Trust

You’ll be shocked at our rates!

In fact, sometimes our services cost you nothing. You heard right! Nothing. That’s because all radio and TV stations, and some newspapers and magazines, let us take our 15 percent commission right off the top of the invoices they send us for your advertising. Of course, if a particular media doesn’t pay us, we will charge you 15 percent on top of whatever price they have quoted. That’s only fair, right?

What does it cost for us to come talk to you? We charge nada, zip, zero.

How about for meetings, preparation of any and all media proposals, drive time, phone time, etc.? No charge again. Aren’t you lucky?

What about our creative prices? Minimal, and we always provide our clients with a flat bid. Then the decision is up to you.

And what about public relations and events? Again, we will present you with a quote determined on a flat-fee basis, predicated on how many hours we feel we’ll need to spend on your project and for how many months. We usually bid really low, but guess what? We stick with our bid no matter how long it takes us to exhaust all media possibilities for you. Who comes out the winner? You do.

Are you wondering about the cost of printing, promotional items and anything we buy for you? Cost, plus 15.

Anything else? Let’s talk.